Meet the Team: Lorenzo Vallini

September 27, 2017

Name: Lorenzo Vallini

Age: 27

Title (what do you do in D-Orbit): Engineer




What did it mean to you to work on this project over the past two years? 

I joined the company when the project was already well structured and I did not truly join the team until the mission operations started: that was the turning point! After so much time spent reading about space missions, you find yourself involved in a real one and it is just amazing. 


What is the most challenging aspect of working in D-Orbit and what do you enjoy most? 

Realizing that you're getting ready to communicate with a true satellite orbiting up there, 500 km above your head, is for sure now of the coolest aspects of the whole thing. After the launch was successful (and we started to breathe again...), everything changed: your everyday life adapts to match the rhythm of the satellite. D-Sat passes over our ground station in Fino Mornasco, near the Como lake, at least twice per day, morning and evening. And D-Sat can be capricious: it doesn’t care about weekends or holidays!

If you are ready to speak to me and listen to my space tales, good for you folks! Otherwise leave me alone, I'll be on my way!”, that’s what it would say. But our satellite is also a loyal fellow and it is appreciating our efforts by rewarding us with wonderful pictures of Earth from Space. 


Let’s get a little personal… what are 3 things you’d like people to know about you? 

  1. I like travelling, playing open-air sports, motorbikes and sailboats (if anyone wants to make me a present).

  2. I prefer beer to wine.

  3. I don’t smoke.

Star Trek or Star Wars? 

Mmmh… Jurassic Park?


Favorite hobby?

I collect spores, molds and fungus.


Favorite ice-cream flavor?

Everything but smurf... I hate smurfs.





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