Meet the Team: Marco Bevilacqua

July 31, 2017

Name: Marco Bevilacqua

Age: 27

Title (what do you do in D-Orbit): System Engineer and D-Sat Head of Operations


What did it mean for you to work on the D-Sat project over the past two years? 

I started working on D-Sat at the end of the Design phase. Thus, in the beginning, it has been hard to get into the project and take over parts of the work done by other, brilliant team members. However, little by little, I started to get really involved in every aspect of the mission and now I am very proud of being part of this adventure.


The whole project has been a real challenge, as it included working on all the phases of a spacecraft lifecycle. It has been such a priceless opportunity confront myself with so many different aspects of a space mission: from satellite design to testing, from launch base integration to flight operations, from ground segment to space one. It has been a bit of a crazy, very intense, 2 years long run through the aerospace world and obviously … I was like a kid in a candy store!         


What was the most challenging aspect and what did you enjoy most? 

D-Orbit is a very demanding work environment and building a satellite is no joke. The challenges are constant and always different… but they make you better and “tougher”. Working here means that you need to perform at 110%, all the time. But nobody gives up because the goal is fantastic, the journey, although challenging, allows for great professional growth and the company is awesome.


But the greatest thing is that, by the blood and sweat shed, we are conquering space with our hands!


Let’s get a little personal… what are 3 things you’d like people to know about you? 

I live in Milan and this changed the way I drive (I want my driving back!); I really like listening to music, but sometimes I just need silence… and, finally, I like mountains more than beaches!


Star Trek or Star Wars? 

Star Wars!!!


Favorite hobby?

I love running, wine-tasting and … eating! I am pretty sure it can be considered a hobby if you love it as much as I do.


Favorite ice-cream flavor?





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