Meet the Team: Simone Brilli

July 12, 2017

Name: Simone Brilli

Age: 29

Title (what do you do in D-Orbit): Unit System Engineer… and Where to Find Them


What did it mean to you to work on this project over the past two years? 


I started to work on the D-Sat project right after my master thesis and I must say it has challenged me in so many ways. D-Sat thought me how to enhance my competences in the scientific field, manage problems, unexpected situations and how to work with a (fantastic) team without weighting (so much) on it; my job was to work on the EES (Electro-Explosive System, the one that ignites the solid rocket motor) design and testing.


The most emotional moment of this project was the first ignition of the SRM (Solid Rocket Motor) with the EES on it!

Oh! Another one, that time I pushed the “fire command” during an ignition test (wow, so cool!)…

Ah wait! And most recently, of course, the D-Sat launch, what a great feeling! These were three special moments but it’s important to note that challenging projects means hard working and a big satisfaction.


What is the most challenging aspect of working in D-Orbit and what do you enjoy most? 


Work in D-Orbit is hard, but as The Simpsons say “We work hard, we play hard”. The team is really motivated but we also have our relaxing moments of barbecue and Italian wine.


Challenge… I think that one of the reasons why we work here is because every day is very challenging.

From my point of view, the real challenge of working in D-Orbit is to understand your capabilities, your limits and how to work past them – as soon as possible – in order to reach your goal and deliver today that task that was asked “for yesterday” … As Douglas Adams wrote: “Don’t Panic”. :)


Let’s get a little personal… what are 3 things you’d like people to know about you? 

Well… I have a koala on my monitor, I’m very attached to my cups and I like pop culture; you can say that I’m a geek.


Star Trek or Star Wars? 

“May La Forge be with you”

















Favorite hobby?

I am always changing hobbies, but my biggest interests are: reading (books, comics, minds and graphic novels), playing videogames, making up stories on my hobbies, exploring new technologies, movies, dejà-vu and movies.



Favorite ice-cream flavor?

Tuna, Monty Phyton and pistachio.




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