Meet the team: Lorenzo Ferrario

June 15, 2017

Name: Lorenzo (one of the countless "Lorenzo" in D-Orbit...)

Age: 28

Title (what do you do in D-Orbit): Chief Technical Officer (CTO). 


What did it mean to you to work on this project over the past two years? 

Huge question! I joined the D-Sat project fresh from the University, so this was my very first space project... and a hell of a challenge! I joined as ADCS engineer and had to design, develop, test and everything else an entire satellite from scratch. This was basically the realization of years of study and preparation... and now that we are training to operate the spacecraft once in orbit, well... everything got terribly real! And just SO AMAZING! Who wouldn't want to hear the words: "next week you'll start training as a spaceship captain?" Mind-blowing. (Yes, yes... it's still a tiny spaceship... and I won't be in space (yet)...but give us some time and you'll see...)


What was the most challenging aspect and what did you enjoy most? 

Well, when we started working on the project we were five people and an empty room... everything was a challenge! But the journey, as hard and long as it has been, has also been really enjoyable, and I got to learn and grow so much thanks to D-Sat and the team. And now, looking around me, and watching what we managed to build in a couple of years... it's not just about the spacecraft and the D-Sat project, but the capabilities, the team, and all the rest that surrounds this project... that is the most enjoyable thing of them all.


Let’s get a little personal… what are 3 things you’d like people to know about you? 

First of all, I love travelling around the world, with my wife, with nothing more than a backpack. Then, I love space, technology, and all that geeky-stuff. I think it is somehow related to my incurable optimism for the future (i was a nerd before it was cool!). And, finally, I love Metal music.


Star Trek or Star Wars? 

The "engineer in me" is a Trekker... but as for my heart... just read the next question...


Favorite hobby?

Sporting light saber combat! Yes! That's exactly what you think it is! Have a look:


Favorite ice-cream flavor?

Amarena Cherry





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