Meet the Team: Alessio Fanfani

June 1, 2017

Name: Alessio

Age: 28

What do you do in D-Orbit: Program Manager


What did it mean for you to work on this project over the past two years?

Oh, difficult question! How much time do you have? 

D-SAT is much more than a project.

I started working on D-SAT as System Engineer when it was only an idea, over 3 years ago. Do you want to see the first sketch of D-SAT??? This is an early design concept, from December 2013.



The D-SAT mission has been an incredible challenge since the beginning. When D-Orbit’s Tech Team was created, it included only a few extremely determined young engineers. For me D-SAT means having the courage to do things that have never been done before with limited resources, long night spent in the clean room for troubleshooting, incredible satisfaction when things work, trust in young people and teamwork. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with such brilliant engineers and good people.


What was the most challenging aspect and what did you enjoy most?

We certainly faced a lot of challenges. From the technical point of view, the integration of a Solid Rocket Motor within a CubeSat was the toughest one. I enjoyed a lot the initial phase of D-SAT subsystems integration, when we started to put stuff together and they almost worked. In that moment I said to myself: “Yeah, it is really feasible!”


Let’s get a little personal… what are 3 things you’d like people to know about you?

I was born in Florence and I’m very fond of Tuscany’s traditions: Chianti wine, Fiorentina Steak, and of course I’m a supporter of Fiorentina Football Club, so let me know it if you want to talk about soccer with me. To relax I love going to the beach. After D-SAT mission I want to take my dream holiday: a week at Fuerteventura, windsurfing and relaxing in the middle of the ocean.


Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Wars


Favorite hobby?

I love sailing and playing guitar.


Favorite ice-cream flavor?






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