The commercial aspect of the mission, proving that D-Orbit Decommissioning Device (D3) is a viable and space-worthy technology, is completely on us. 


But there is much more to D-Sat than testing our decommissioning device.

We wanted to make sure that this mission would harness the full potential and opportunities granted by sending a satellite to space, so we partnered with several institutions to include three experiments that will be performed throughout the mission’s lifetime. In tune with our philosophy, all three experiments have a social impact.


This is why we are on Kickstarter. D-Sat will be launched during the third week of June 2017, and perform the decommissioning maneuver sometimes afterward. Thanks to your help, we can extend the orbital part of the mission, and gather important data about the performance of the SatAlert experiment, a live test of an emergency protocol that could one day help saving lives.  


If you're not familiar with Kickstarter...


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that enables individuals, startups, and small-medium companies to raise funding for projects of public interest from a large number of individuals who support the initiative.


Pledges can range between 5 to 8.500 €, and each pledge is paired up with a one or more rewards like gadgets, hand signed photos, personalized products, and so on. Of course, the best reward is by far helping bring to life an initiative that resonates with you.


This is how you can pledge:


  • Visit our Kickstarter page.

  • Click the green “Back This Project” button on the campaign page.

  • Select the reward you'd like to receive and your pledge amount will automatically populate.

  • You can also back the project without reward by selecting "No thanks, I just want to help the project" and entering your desired pledge amount. 

  • When you select "Continue," you'll be asked to confirm your payment details.

  • Finally, click the “Pledge" button and you are done. 


Should you have further questions about Kickstarter, you can visit their FAQ page. Thank you for your interest in the mission!

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